“I Nurtured Sheebah Karungi” Cindy Sanyu  Speaks Out 


Cindy Sanyu, the President of Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), recently laid bare her grievances towards fellow artist and former Team No Sleep (TNS) singer, Sheebah Karungi, in an exclusive interview with South Sudanese media.

The renowned “Boom Party” hitmaker emphasized that the conflict between them, notably showcased at Kololo Independence grounds, was genuine and not a mere publicity stunt but stemmed from personal issues.

She attributed the tension to Sheebah’s perceived betrayal after Cindy had mentored her following her departure from the former Obsessions group. Despite investing significant time and effort into Sheebah’s career, Cindy felt betrayed when Sheebah allegedly turned against her upon achieving stardom.

Cindy underscored that their recent musical battle was deeply personal, not staged, serving as a lesson for Sheebah, and reflecting her profound disappointment.

“It is clear from Cindy Sanyu’s unyielding position that there is no relationship between the two artists,” the article highlights, emphasizing their apparent discord. Whether this candid admission will alter the dynamics of the music business or if both musicians will continue on separate paths remains to be seen.


In a spoCourtesy Videotlight on the drama within Uganda’s music industry, Cindy Sanyu’s revelations mark a significant chapter in her ongoing conflict with Sheebah Karungi.



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