Fik Fameica’s Twitter Seized Over Political Allegiances.


Rapper Fik Fameica’s former Twitter account, now known as Fik Fameica’s X Account, has been taken over by his handler, citing his departure from supporting oppressed Ugandans and aligning with the ruling government NRM.

This decision follows Fik Fameica’s recent performance at one of Gen. Muboozi’s events in Masaka. In a statement released on March 20, 2024, the admin of Fik Fameica’s X Platform expressed disappointment, stating that they had originally agreed to use the platform to advocate for what is right and just. However, they were disheartened to see the artist turn away from the people who supported him and instead align with the government.

The handler has sought public input on the fate of the rapper’s X account, proposing three options: returning it to Fik Fameica, retaining it as a platform for justice advocacy, or deleting it altogether. They emphasized the importance of followers’ opinions in deciding the account’s future and the messages it conveys.


This development has left Fik Fameica’s followers in a state of confusion and uncertainty, with many expressing disappointment in the rapper’s decision, especially given previous perceptions of his alignment with Bobi Wine’s NUP ideologies.

The account handle has been modified to a different name and will now focus on sharing content related to climate change and humanitarian endeavors. Fik Fameica is yet to address the matter publicly, and updates will be provided as they unfold.



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