Grenade Official Shows Love To Ex-Lovers And Ready To Have More Children.


Renowned singer Deus Ndugwa, popularly known as Grenade Official, opens up about his contentment and gratitude towards the ex-lovers with whom he shares a parenting journey. The “Nkulooga” artist emphasizes that he harbors no sentiments for his past relationships and cherishes the mothers of his children for shaping him into a responsible father.

Grenade Official expresses pride in his offspring, acknowledging that fatherhood has transformed him into a dedicated and responsible parent. Despite having children with different mothers, he shares his willingness to expand his family even further, expressing a desire to welcome more children.

“I don’t miss any of my ex-lovers. Not even one. Those who gave birth to my children, I thank them and I call upon them to come and we bear more children,” Grenade Official states, emphasizing the importance of continued family growth.


The singer is resolute about his commitment to fatherhood, stating, “I still want to give birth to more kids, and soon I will be welcoming more children to my family. I don’t know how many children I will give birth to, but whatever God wishes for me, is what I will have. It’s beautiful.”

Grenade Official concludes by celebrating the joys of being a family man, highlighting the beauty of having children at home and expressing a readiness to embrace whatever the future holds for his expanding family.



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