First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba Joins “Showbiz” with a “Big Boys” Birthday Party Committee!


First son Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s love for showbiz rises everyday that passes, latest on his moves is his birthday party celebrations that have now taken a new twist. 

Unlike many birthdays that you have probably heard of or attended, this one is one with an organizing committee and not just a committee but one with high ranking officials from both government and the society. Gen. Muhoozi, who also doubles as commander of the UPDF land forces first appointed the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka as the chairman for his 48th birthday celebrations. He further asked him if to name other members to work with on that particular task. 


In a shocking turn of events contrary to what he had asked, the general himself through his twitter account has since announced other members on the committee, a task he had earlier given the Attorney General. Among the members include singer Bebecool, Events promoter Balaam Barugahara from the entertainment world among other top raking officials, many of these have come out to show interest and appreciation for being shortlisted while others have simply chosen to remain mute. 

Gen Muhoozi’s 48th birthday party is slated for 24th April and it’s expected to be a real definition of a “Big Boys” celebration with pomp and glamour. In a Wednesday tweet, Muhoozi confirmed that all People from East Africa, Africa and the world at large are invited and free to attend the party. 

General Muhoozi is taking the blue Bird app by storm over his highly anticipated birthday party. A section of netizens have come out to claim that the birthday party organization committee list is more than a list, it’s simply a list of some of the people that the General is shortlisting and endorsing to closely work with him under the “Muhoozi project” government allegedly coming soon. Could this be the reason many people are scrambling for positions on the committee?

The MK Birthday List, as it has been referred to on social media has also worn him some credit with some netizens referring to it as a uniting factor. This is because the list comprises of both Andrew Mwenda and Tamale Mirundi, a pair publicly known as sworn enemies. Mirundi has publicy sworn to never get involved in anything where Mwenda is part, could this be a move by the first son to unite back these two?

Being an online controversial gem that he is, could this showbiz move be just another stunt to pull attention for the first son. In the recent past, Gen Muhoozi kickstarted online debates that many took as relevancy moves because they were controversial. Just this year, the general put up a debate between Ugandan women and Rwandese women asking who of these was more beautiful, he also assured netizens of how his wife is the most beautiful in the world among the many other posts with Rwandan President Paul Kagame where the General calls him uncle, a manner most people don’t like. 



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