Top promoters shun Bebecool & Chameleon music battle


On Tuesday, this website published a story about Singer Bebecool calling out his longtime music friend Jose Chameleon for a music battle on national television something that excited both their fans.

Now when we just thought this battle would be the official opening music event when the president opens up the economy, this music battle has taken a new twist.

The top music promoters most known for music battle concerts Hajji Musa Kavuma of KT Promotions and self proclaimed “Sabavvulu” Balaam Barugahara have poured cold water on the battle.

When this website contacted KT, he promised a real better battle soon when they open up thereby trashing the Chamili-Bebe battle down the bin. He had this to say;

whats there to battle about bebe & chamili, they are musically, Politically & socially alligned. Wait on am bringing a real battle soon….. KT SAID.

When we contacted Balaam for a comment, he was too hesitant about the battle, told us he was in a meeting and promised to call back all in vain. He had this to say;

Which battle? Iam in a meeting please, i will call you back

bebe Chamili1

We later got to know that Bebe Cool had asked for Ug Shs 250 millions while Chameleone was asked for Ug shs 200 millions. In total with out all the other expenses, it would cost the promoter Shs 500 million, much more than the amount invested in the previous music battles between Bebe and Bobi Wine, Chameleone and BobiWine and Bebe Cool with Goodlyfe.

Amidst all the storms this battle has faced hindering its occurrence, one thing we are sure of is, one day one time, this battle will happen and we shall then find out who the real legend is.

If it happens, it will be the biggest music battle between great artistes in East Africa and a lot will be on stake as they both claim to be the biggest in East Africa. Their fight for supremacy dates way back during the time they made their debut in the music industry.




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