EXCLUSIVE! Here is Kin Kariisa’s new lot of presenters expected to take NXT Radio to the Top!


On March 10th 2021, this platform ran a story about a move to fire under-performing Next Radio presenters that was yet to be taken by Next Media Services’s top boss Kin Kariisa

True to that, on Sunday, March 13th, the Naguru based radio station suspended all normal programming in a move to retreat, refocus and strategize on their future as a Radio so as to realign in light of new industry realities aswell as remaining competitive and relevant in the market, aspects that the radio had long lost in the over 3 years it has been on air. 


In a bid to achieve all the above, Kin Kariisa and his team have re-deployed some of their former talents but above it all, they have brought some new faces on board that are believed to change the vibe and get Nxt Radio to the position it’s desired to occupy in the radio industry in the land. 

richard tuwangye
Richard Tuwangye – Expected to join Nxt Radio as A Breakfast Show Host

According to our close sources at Next Media, the bosses fetched some of the talents from competing stations whereas others have not been on air for a while but have been in the entertainment business for sometime. Some of the new talents we can authoritatively confirm  have put pen to paper on the 106.1 radio frequency include fun factory comedian Richard Tuwangye, James Peterson and Maritza both from Nation Media’s KFM radio aswell as online comedian Martha Kay! Some of those that we have learnt were retained on the radio include Zahara Ttoto, DJ Roja, Ronnie McVex, Posha Aloyo and Karitas Karisimbi. In addition, veteran radio host Hakim who had a short stint with the same radio in its genesis days is also expected back! 

From XFM to KFM, Maritza soars on to replace Malaika Nnyanzi
Maritza – From KFM to Nxt Radio

With this new team, the programming is meant to go as follows. The breakfast show will have Richard Tuwangye, Hakim & Maritza, who has been doing a breakfast show on KFM with Brian Mulondo.

The Mid Morning show will still have gossip queen Zahara Ttoto with music mixes by DJ Roja. The other person on the mid morning crew is Posha Aloyo who has been doing the late night love show. Posha originally did this same show with Zahara Ttoto at the time the radio started! 

The evening drive is set to have Martha Kay and James Peterson as new entrants, the pair will host with Ronnie McVex who was maintained on the same show. Peterson will bring his vast experience to this panel, he has previously hosted the K-Drive on KFM. 

Nalongo Karitas Karisimbi who previously worked on the Breakfast show “The Morning Zoo” is set to replace Posha Aloyo on the night love show. For Karitas, this is going back to what she does best, her radio career kickstarted way back at Sanyu FM where she did such a show, she brings experience to this one! 

Will Martha Kay get a second chance? - New Vision Official
Martha Kay, expected to Join the Drive show on Nxt Radio

With this change in talents, the next media bosses believe the new team set to be unveiled to the public is one meant to claim Next Radio’s desired position in the market. On Monday 28th March, after over two weeks since suspending normal programming, the audio visual radio station will return to the airwaves starting at 6:00am with the breakfast show.

Ronnie McVex Quits NBS' Next Radio - Uganda Mirror
RETAINED: Ronnie McVex will still host the Drive Show

With all the changes that are expected to take place at Next Radio, the big question that remains is, will the new team brought on board be able to get the station to the promised land? The reply to this question is for you to answer.



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