Being in a relationship is hard, being a celebrity in a relationship is even harder. They are always in the spotlight regardless of what they do.

Due to being in the public eye, some have garnered haters and fans but despite all the things society says about them they stay together through thick and thin.

Here in Africa in the celebrity business, a fair number of family relationships experience ups and downs. To clarify, most African celebrity families are doing ok. There is always a high probability of news about a pending divorce or infidelity among various celebrities but no news on happy relationships with no drama. Many of the celebrity couples whose relationships are going strong have to walk the tightrope between love, fame, money, obsessed fanbases, and endless temptations.

With thousands of people idolizing them, it takes all their self-discipline to maintain a relationship for over five years. That said, in East Africa, we have several joyous couples that we ought to celebrate. In this story, we explore the TOP 10 CELEBRITY COUPLES IN EAST AFRICA, Enjoyyyyyyyy1!1!!1




It goes without saying that Kenyan music legends Nameless and Wahu are among the top celebrity couples in Africa. This power couple Wahu and Nameless is celebrating 15 years of marriage with two beautiful children to show for it. Evidently, the marriage union of Wahu and Nameless is proof that real love does exist. The couple tied the knot on 10th September 2005 in a lavish wedding held at Lake Naivasha. Since then, they have been together through thick and thin as parents, lovers, and artists. Often seen supporting each other and expressing love for each other, they paint the perfect love picture.



This is another power celebrity couple in Africa. Ugandan musician turned politician Bobi Wine, and his lovely wife Barbie wedded in 2011. The then Self-styled ‘Ghetto president’ Robert Kyagulanyi, best known as Bobi Wine, seems to have the same grit in his marriage that he shows in politics. This is the 10th year of marriage with his beautiful wife, Barbara (Barbie) Itungo. They had a Christian wedding at Rubaga Cathedral in Kampala. It was a colorful ceremony presided over by Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. Bobi Wine’s love for his wife throughout the years is well known. While lesser men cower about feelings, he is not afraid to open up on social media about his wife’s adoration. The couple is blessed with four children, and it seems to strengthen their bond. Barbie is credited for changing Bobi from being a bad boy to a good boy who is currently in a quest for Uganda’s top office.



Rotimi proposed to Mdee back in December 2020 at a very colourful ceremony. They made their relationship public back in 2019. The ‘Power’ actor hinted to everyone about their relationship after he posted a photo of himself and Mdee all loved up. Hollywood actor and singer Rotimi has revealed how his relationship with his now-fiancee, Vanessa Mdee is now official. The ‘Power’ star made this known during a chat with Angie Martinez Show on Power 105.1.
Being engaged feels like a mixture of everything. I was tired of being in the streets. I had a good time…but like I got tired of it and she just literally made me have tunnel vision. I never had that,” he said. Like Bobi & Barbie in Uganda, this couple too is an inspiration to many young people.


vinka 6

Sammy Muraya commonly known as Dj Mo is a Kenyan gospel Dj and currently hosts the show on NTV Crossover 101. He is married to musician Size 8 whose real name is Linet Masiro Munyali. She is a singer, song writer and actress who switched from secular music to Gospel music known for her hit song Mateke.

Size 8 was a popular secular artist before she found Christ and joined the gospel industry. DJ Mo on the other hand became famous after participating in the Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition and making it to the finals. He grew to become a popular DJ and worked for one of the biggest media houses in the country. The two are blessed with two children and continue to stand with each other as partners. They have a YouTube channel known as The Murayas where they keep on serving people with couple goals.


vinka 7

They are one of the most famous celebrity couples in the Kenya. In fact, they became the first married couple in Kenya to anchor news together at the same station. They both present the Swahili news on Citizen TV at 7:00pm. At times, they are spotted presenting the news while rocking matching outfits. Together, they own a production company that has produced some of the best programs in Kenya including Maria and Zora.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati is a Kenyan Gospel Artist. All Kenyas are aware that these two love each other.
The two proved their love to each other few months ago when Bahati was being trolled for marrying an older woman.
Bahati was however proud of his wife and was there to defend her when matters got out of hand.
Netizens went to an extent of calling Bahati ” Mtoto wa Diana” but they were not shaken instead their love grew stronger.


Bebe Cool kissing Zuena Kirema

Bebe Cool and Zuena have always been in media spreading love to each other and at many occasions happen to provide marriage counselling to other couples. The celebrity couple is blessed with four kids and have celebrated their love as a family. 

In 2008 Zuena threatened to dump the singer but later she returned home after working out their differences. Since her return at Bebe’s home, Zuena has never looked back, the couple became tighter and oftenly, Zuena appears as a vixen in Bebe cool’s music videos the latest being his 2021 single “MAKE A WISH”


meddy mimi 2

Rwandan artist Medart Jobert Ngabo, commonly known as Meddy, recently tied the knot with Mimi Mehfira in a glamorous ceremony attended by friends, relatives and different Rwandan celebrities.

The newlyweds started out in 2016. After five years of dating, he officially proposed to Mimi as they celebrated her birthday on December 18, 2020. They got married on May 22 this year. Their’s is a story of pure love full of patience and persistence.

The young couple is an inspiration to many young people not only in RwandA but accross the region.


rwanda 1

Although they are currently way far apart from each other, Chameleone and Daniellla are inseparable. The couple recently celebrated their 13th anniversary on which Chameleon wrote a heartfelt message to Daniella.

“I wish to express my gratitude of you being there for me even in the hardest times, being a a good friend, Companion and above all a great mother not only to our children but to everyone.” he wrote. Daniella currently stays in America while Chameleone is in Uganda but theirs is what one could call a perfect long distance marriage relationship. Even with the many ups and downs in the past, they have stuck together.


rwanda 2

Rwanda’s songstress Jeanne Ingabire Butera, better known as Knowless, and her husband Clement Ishimwe have, like many couples, made it through many ups and downs, but their bond is too tight to break. The couple started dating in 2013 and eventually tied the knot in 2016 in a luxurious wedding that was graced by many celebrities and politicians. Later that year, they were blessed with their first child.


rwanda 3

undoubtedly one of the freshest on the scene, socialiate and businesswoman Vera Sidika has been showing off her lovey-dovey affair with singer Brown Mauzo. There relationship which has lasted a couple of months seems to go hard and deep. Sharing a photo of the two on social media in October last year, the beauty showed off her huge red diamond ring that she got during her engagement. The couple also displayed radiant smiles as they held each other in a tight embrace. Hopefully Vera finds true love this time round since as many questioned if the marriage was authentic while others wanted her to keep her love life private as her previous relationships have always ended in an awful manner.

Final Thoughts
Celeb marriages are mostly showbiz, and it’s a chaotic front in the limelight. It is evident in marriages like Lerato Kganyango (South Africa), Diamond Platinumz (Tz) and in the past for Vera Sidika (Kenya), among others. However, the mentioned celebs give love a good name. Some of them have seen their fair share of troubles, but they have overcome it all. They show us that love can take you so far, but you need sheer tenacity and unbreakable bonds the rest of the way. So, tell us, which is your favorite couple in your country? Give us feedback in the comments section.




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