‘DEAR YOU’: Why we should still treasure handwritten letters!


Modernity has changed the way we communicate, and sometimes, it sucks. I miss the good old days were letter writing was the thing. People poured out their feelings with ink on paper, and every line meant something.

When I look around, it’s all faded and gone. Social media has changed our communication and the fact that people are busy with work, family, God knows what else, sending a text message or email works best, and is also less time-consuming.

Digital texts or tweets seem robotic and may not even evoke the intended meaning, or interpretation. It’s just hiding behind keyboards and just writing anything whether it’s real or not.

Communication is now boring, it lacks that glint and enchantment. It’s funny how people even have the audacity to just forward messages, especially on important occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s, and others. What happened to crafting something from the heart—a message that is personal and meaningful?

I miss those days. I’m sure you know what I am talking about; when you’d get a letter and just couldn’t wait to open and read it.

I recall vividly in secondary as most of my friends had changed schools, we kept in touch through letters. I can’t forget the excitement that came with reading my name during assembly to go pick my letter from the secretary’s office.

After class, I’d open the envelope decorated with stickers, reading how a friend missed me or valued our friendship, or just couldn’t wait for holidays to meet up. Regardless of how long the letter was, it was fun to read.


Yes, I have a habit of re-reading messages, the same thing I did with letters. Whenever I missed someone, I would just go back to their letters, to remind myself of their message. It was real, the fact that it was in someone’s handwriting, made me even feel their presence.  

Some friends even sprayed perfume on the letters, and decorated them. The love, the time, the effort, oh God! It was magical. Everything lingers fresh in my mind.

Nowadays, even a long message is a turn-off. We just want to pick what’s important  and move on. We have resorted to voice notes—some people find them better than reading or writing a message.

Imagine having a fight with your partner, or friend, and getting a handwritten letter just to say they’re sorry?

I just think relationships can be refurbished, if we go ‘old school’. Just sweep your ego under the carpet, and stipulate your feelings on paper. Truthfully, it’s more charming when written.

With handwritten letters, you are even more creative, as you would like to find the right words for that special person.

I have witnessed a couple reunited by a letter. Not counselling, a letter. They wrote down the things that attracted them to each other when they had just met, the principles and values they stood by, the goofy behaviour of each other, and so forth. By evening, the relationship that was on the verge of a collapse was mended.

Nowadays, depression is on the rise because people are not opening up. How I wish we would open up more through letters.



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