WHO IS ZAFARAN? The new Songstress signed to Swangz Avenue!


On Friday, Swangz Avenue unveiled a new artist, Zafaran to the public at their main office in kampala Industrial area. 

With her entrance into the label, it makes the total number of artists under Swangz Avenue 5, Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, Azawi and of course the latest being Zafaran. Since her signing, the big question amongst music lovers has been, who is she? Most details about Zafaran are still scanty but we can authoritatively confirm a few bits about her.

Zafaran’s real name is Nakyoonyi Josephine. Prior to signing her official contract with Swangz, she already had a close working partnership with them. True to that, she singer has previously been seen backing up musicians in the Swangz Avenue recently produced Tusker Malt Conversessions. Close sources also reveal that after being spotted, she was put onto this project for further training by the label before they could officially sign her off. 

In the video that made rounds on social media where Swangz Avenue top bosses were seen unveiling Zafaran, their was a particular song playing in the background which is believed to be one of the projects awaiting release she has already done with the prestigious music label. Swangz Avenue has had a history of turning artists that have never been heard of before into big music stars and their biggest success story has been with Azawi who has risen soo fast within a space of only two years. 


With that background, its no doubt that the label is more than ready to push their new artist Zafaran way up there, all we got is time and like they say, Time always tells. Watch the space



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