Comedian Salvado On Why There Is A Decline In Ugandan Comedy .


Renowned Ugandan comedian, Patrick “Salvado” Idringi, has raised concerns about the rapid decline of the country’s comedy industry. Salvado pointed out several factors contributing to this downturn, citing a lack of financial support and the industry’s shift from theaters to bars as major challenges.

According to Salvado, the comedy scene faced setbacks when it transitioned from the theatrical setting to bars. The change in dynamics, coupled with the need to retain the audience, posed unforeseen challenges for the once-promising industry.

Salvado emphasized the financial struggles within the industry, revealing that he ceased organizing comedy shows in Uganda due to substantial losses ranging from Shs5m to 10m. He clarified that participating in shows locally is primarily to support fellow comedians, as the economic viability of such ventures has become questionable.


One critical consequence highlighted by Salvado is the impact on talent. Moving comedy performances to bars has resulted in a compromised audience, often intoxicated and desiring content that may not align with cleaner, more creative skits. This shift has been detrimental to comedians who prefer delivering clean performances.

Salvado’s insights into the challenges faced by the Ugandan comedy industry come at a time when controversies, such as the recent MC Mariachi saga involving accusations of body shaming, further emphasize the need for a reevaluation of the industry’s direction.



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