Ann Taylor Confirms Split With SB4 After Twin Joy Denies Stunt Allegations.


In a surprising turn of events, Ann Taylor, the renowned TV presenter, has officially confirmed the end of her relationship with YouTuber and Content Creator Rogers Ssebunya, widely known as SB4. The couple, who had celebrated their union with an introduction ceremony in 2020, experienced the joy of welcoming twins in December 2023 after struggling with infertility for years.

However, the seemingly blissful journey took an unexpected turn five days ago when Ann Taylor announced her decision to part ways with SB4, citing undisclosed reasons. The revelation sparked varied reactions on the internet, with some skeptics suggesting it could be a mere publicity stunt.

During an interview with Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika, Ann Taylor vehemently denied any stunt allegations, emphasizing her commitment to honesty. “I’m not a person of stunts. Someone may think it’s a stunt…I am honest. Let’s leave things the way they are. I won’t talk about that. I won’t say anything about it. But what you saw is what it is,” Ann Taylor asserted.

The former Bukedde TV presenter clarified that she is earnest about the current situation in her life and urged netizens to refrain from speculating that traditional healer Maama Fiina played a role in her breakup with SB4. As the public awaits more details, Ann Taylor remains firm in her stance, dispelling any notions of a staged separation and maintaining her honesty amidst the public scrutiny.



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