Comedian Mc Mariachi Faces Backlash For Demeaning Tenge Tenge.


Comedian Mc Mariachi, aka Charles Kasozi, faced heavy criticism after making controversial remarks during the Valentine’s Day Comedy Store UG show while on stage with TikTok content creator Tenge Tenge.

Accused of uttering demeaning statements towards Tenge Tenge, Mc Mariachi’s comments drew ire, with singer A Pass taking to TikTok to express his disgust towards certain Ugandan comedians, urging the public to reconsider their support for such acts. A Pass also called on Comedy Store UG host Alex Muhangi and his team to enhance their content creation.

In response to the backlash, Mc Mariachi mocked his critics and extended an invitation for Tenge Tenge to accompany him at future performances, emphasizing the opportunity to earn money and enhance living standards.

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Defending himself, Mc Mariachi asserted that those criticizing him were hindering Tenge Tenge’s success without providing support to those in need. Despite the uproar, he concluded by assuring Tenge Tenge that his intentions were not malicious and that he would strive to help him prosper financially.



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