Barbie Kyagulanyi’s Hollywood Encounter: A Playful Pretense with Cillian Murphy Sparks Meaningful Conversation.


Bobi Wine’s wife, Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi, is currently savoring her time in the USA during the media tours for her husband’s nominated documentary at the Oscars. The film, ‘Bobi Wine: The People’s President,’ explores the extraordinary journey of Bobi Wine, the musician turned politician striving to end Uganda’s oppressive regime, and has garnered international attention.

The couple’s Oscar nomination has opened doors to encounters with global film icons during their stay in Beverly Hills, as Barbie continues to share these moments on her Instagram page.

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One recent highlight includes photos with Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, and on another occasion, Barbie met acclaimed Irish actor and producer, Cillian Murphy, renowned for his roles in Inception, Batman Begins, A Quiet Place II, Oppenheimer, and Peaky Blinders.

Amusingly, Barbie shared that she pretended not to know Murphy during their encounter, a jest he happily embraced. This playful start led to a profound conversation covering topics such as climate change, politics, and the importance of educating rural girls. Barbie expressed her delight, stating, “He was happy to sit next to someone who ‘did not know’ him, so we had a long chat about climate change, politics, and the essence of keeping the rural girl child in school.”

The Hollywood rendezvous adds another fascinating chapter to the Kyagulanyis’ journey in the spotlight, combining glamour with meaningful discussions on crucial global issues.



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