Patrick Salvado Speaks Out On Why He No Longer Does Comedy Shows .


In a recent post on X, renowned comedian Patrick Salvado delved into a prevalent issue within the comedy industry – the increasing demand for uncouth humor from audiences.

Salvado highlighted the paradox faced by comedians, emphasizing that while they often face criticism for offensive jokes, a portion of the blame lies with the audience. Despite concerted efforts to deliver clean and respectful comedy, performers find themselves catering to the preferences of fans who prioritize vulgarity over wit.


The comedian shed light on the dilemma faced by humorists striving to maintain integrity while meeting audience expectations. Despite their intentions to provide clean sets, many comedians encounter silence when they deviate from provocative material, leading them to feel compelled to conform to audience preferences and perpetuate a cycle of crude humor.

In recognizing the shared responsibility, Salvado acknowledged that some comedians who resist evolving or diversifying their content contribute to the industry’s standards dilemma.

Salvado’s reflections on the state of comedy come in the wake of recent backlash towards MC Mariachi, particularly from singer A Pass, who called out the comedian for body-shaming Rango Tenge Tenge during a Comedy Store Uganda show.



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