Cindy Sanyu To Retire At 60 Years.


Renowned musician Cinderella Sanyu, popularly known as Cindy, has disclosed her intention to step back from the music scene at the age of fifty, only to stage a comeback at sixty.

Cindy elaborated on her decision, expressing her desire to take a sabbatical upon reaching fifty, with the aim of reinventing herself before resuming her musical endeavours at sixty.

Asserting her unwavering commitment to music, Cindy emphasized that it remains her ultimate passion, and envisioning a life devoid of the industry is inconceivable to her. She affirmed her determination to continue working tirelessly in her craft until her last breath, as she believes it is her true calling.

“I aspire to meet my end while enrapturing my audience with melodies. My plan is to take a hiatus at fifty and then make a triumphant return at sixty because music is my essence. I’m inspired by the likes of Miriam Makeba, who graced the stage until the age of 85,” Cindy revealed during an interview with a local television network.

With a career spanning over two decades, Cindy has consistently pursued her musical ambitions with fervour and dedication.



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