Singer Daudi Mugema To Travel To Turkey For Better Treatment 


Positive news emerges as Daudi Mugema, the renowned “Katonda Wabanaku” singer, embarks on a journey to Istanbul, Turkey, for specialized cancer treatment, marking a turning point in his arduous battle against the disease.

Securing crucial travel documents with the assistance of Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and Turkish Ambassador to Uganda H.E FATIH AK, Mugema set out for Turkey after enduring close to four years of grappling with cancer.

In a poignant interview with television networks, Mugema recounted his harrowing experience, attributing the onset of his illness to a traumatic episode during imprisonment at a Kireka safe house. Subsequently subjected to chemical exposure that ravaged his legs and enduring various forms of torture including burns from plastic jerricans, Mugema found himself incapacitated and in dire need of medical intervention.

Now in Istanbul, Mugema exudes optimism and relief, eagerly anticipating the specialized treatment that promises hope for his recovery. Expressing heartfelt gratitude to his steadfast supporters who rallied behind him during his darkest hours, Mugema’s journey symbolizes resilience and the power of solidarity in overcoming adversity.



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