Daniella Atim Speaks Out On How Singer Jose Chameleon Used To Beat Her.


Singer Jose Chameleon’s former spouse, Daniella Atim, has reignited discussions on social media surrounding domestic violence after she shared her personal experiences about her tumultuous marriage to the renowned Kipepewo singer once again.

The couple shares five children: Abba (18), Alfa (15), Alba, Amma (11), and Xara (6). Daniella’s recent revelation on Instagram appeared to validate suspicions regarding her troubled relationship with the legendary singer, whose real name is Joseph Mayanja.

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Screenshot from Daniella Atim official Instagram page showing her message.

“In seeking asylum in the U.S. five years ago, I escaped from various hardships, including enduring domestic violence for sixteen years. Despite the gravity of the age I am reaching this year, I am choosing to reclaim my youth while focusing on healing my emotional well-being,” Daniella disclosed.

As she approaches her fortieth birthday, the single mother has long maintained the facade of a harmonious marriage with Chameleon. However, sources suggest Daniella has distanced herself from wearing her wedding ring, while Chameleon continues to adorn his.

Chameleon and Daniella exchanged vows in 2008. Nonetheless, their union faced turmoil seven years later when Daniella reportedly left the singer’s residence for four months, as per Chameleon’s own admission. In 2017, she filed for divorce, citing physical abuse by Jose Chameleon.


The dissolution of Daniella’s marriage to Chameleon left many fans stunned, with no apparent explanation for their separation.

Last year, Daniella disclosed that her primary motive for relocating from Uganda to the U.S. was to break free from the cycle of abuse perpetuated by Chameleon, who she accused of excessive alcohol consumption.

Sources indicate Daniella pleaded with Chameleon to reform, particularly for the sake of their children, but her appeals fell on deaf ears.

“I will release you, Daniella. I can no longer prove myself,” Chameleon posted on his social media platforms in 2021.

In November 2023, she penned a heartfelt letter to herself, expressing hopes for a future devoid of suffering and trials in matters of love.



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