ANGELLA KATATUMBA: What I meant with “I don’t Cook for A Man”


Ugandan songstress and Business woman Angella Katatumba, who recently bought a new USD 85,700 Land cruiser and personalized it’s number plate told the media that she will forever stand by the motto of ‘no cooking’. Now revelers have been looking at this like she is a woman who does not want to indulge in doing housework or performing her marital duties. She has come out to explain what this motto entails in general and it is not just about serving your hubby home cooked meals apparently.

Katatumba mentioned that according to our culture, women are trained to only prepare for marriage and taking care of their homes and husband’s, leading them to neglect themselves. Once a woman is unmarried for long, it is mentioned that she is either unlucky or she is lacking somehow.


“I will forever be on the motto of no cooking because to me its not just about cooking, you know for the longest time African women have not been properly educated claiming it is better to educate a son. And a lot of African girls haven’t been given property because the majority of families believe it is better to give the son heirship,” she emphasized.

Katatumba broke this statement down and said that there is a backward mentality that Africans do not invest in their girls which makes them think think that they are just supposed to pray for a man to marry them so that they can be domesticated and start cooking for their husband.

“The whole message is girls/women need to be on the same level as boys/men. If men are going to look for money in banks, if they are hustling, do the same. If your lucky to have a partner and be married, be partners but be of value. Don’t just think you were meant to clean, cook and be kept in the house.” she added.

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Katatumba with her car

Katatumba contended that all that is summarised in ‘I don’t cook’ but mainly it is about empowering women and telling them that yes, they can have their marriages, love life and children but also should be independent and make their own money. She urged that women need to be independent if they were to stop all those terrible mannerisms done to them by men.

Katatumba emphasized that men fear women who are independent not because they can not afford them but rather because they can not boss them around and manipulate them. She mentioned that women needed to attain such independence if they were to rid themselves of men’s manipulation.



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