Next Media Bows to public pressure, Apologizes for Gravity’s Insensitive comments on their TV


Next Media Services, the company that houses Sanyuka Television finally came out and issued an apology in regards to Gravity Omutujju’s recent comments about Domestic violence!

According to Gravity, he’s much worse than Weasel as he enjoys beating up women and hearing them pleading for mercy. His comparison was in relation to Weasel who has been in the news for battering his baby mama, Sandra Teta. These comments saw the rapper gain widespread criticism. Although he came out to apologize saying the comments were just sarcasm and he didn’t mean them, the damage was already done. Calls had even started to rise for the boycott of his upcoming show in October. Sanyuka TV too wasn’t spared in this debacle.

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Next Media / Sanyuka TV apology

People wondered how a reputable TV station could give airtime to a person to air such unbecoming views. The station has now decided to own the responsibility and apologize to its viewers. According to Sanyuka TV, the snippet cut out of this interview was blown out of context. However, it doesn’t mean what was aired was right, this is the reason they decided to apologize to all victims of domestic abuse.


“In hindsight, however, we recognize that we ought to have been more mindful of the significant risks for survivors and others regarding gender-based violence, a vice we largely condemn as a brand. We are truly sorry,” part of the statement from the station read.



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