Zahara Totto On Why Zari Dates Young Boys


Media personality Zahara Totto has sparked controversy by asserting that she can learn nothing valuable from socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan except for her preference for dating younger men. Totto expressed these blunt sentiments during an interview with a local television station, potentially leaving Zari Hassan feeling uneasy.

Zari Hassan has often faced criticism for her relationships with younger men, defending her choices by challenging societal double standards. She questions why society is quick to judge older women but overlooks similar relationships involving older men and younger women.

In the recent verbal exchange, Zahara Totto labeled Zari Hassan a “cougar” and suggested that she might be attempting to relive missed opportunities from her youth. Totto emphasized the potential consequences of such choices and questioned the wisdom of a 45-year-old woman pursuing relationships with younger men when she could easily find companions her own age.

“Some individuals resort to dating younger men because they missed out on certain experiences earlier in life. They should have pursued relationships with younger individuals during their prime but instead opted for older partners for financial reasons. Now, they’re facing the consequences of their choices,” remarked Zahara Totto.

This verbal exchange adds to the history of contentious interactions between Zahara Totto and Zari Hassan, known for trading harsh words and body-shaming each other in the public eye. As the story unfolds, Zari Hassan’s response to Totto’s comments remains eagerly awaited.



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