B2C Singers Open Up About Album Delay.


Despite being active in the music industry for over five years, the B2C singers have yet to release an album, citing a lack of knowledge about album production and promotion as the main reason for the delay.

The trio is currently focused on acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the process before venturing into album releases.

B2C is adamant that albums should only be launched when they have a solid grasp of effective promotion strategies to maximize the benefits of their release.

“We haven’t released an album because we need to learn more about them and how best to promote them. Currently, we are studying other artists’ albums and seeking advice on how to proceed,” explained Mr. Lee during an interview with a local television station.

While expressing their intention to release albums in the future, the B2C artists emphasized that they are not in a rush to do so at present, highlighting their commitment to a thoughtful and informed approach to album production and promotion.



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