Winnie Nwagi claps back at fans that de-taste her lifestyle!


If there is one singer that is accustomed to clashing with fans and telling them off, its none other than Winnie Nwagi aka Winfred Nakanwagi of Swangz Avenue. The singer is now on the spot again for lashing out at her fans in Dubai.

Video of Winnie Nwagi hitting at Fans. (Credit: Exclusive_Bizz)

Nwagi over the weekend had a show alongside comedian MC Mariachi. The Musawo singer however after the show bumped into some fans at a restaurant in Dubai. These proceeded to ask for selfies with her which she denied. The criticism there and then started flying in right away. Nwagi however who is a well-known hothead hit back at the fans. She said that she’s not the type of artist who will be trampled on and keep quiet. Besides her character has never been one to stay mute whilst she’s being dragged. For her music, Nwagi said that she has never begged anyone to listen to it, and if it annoys them, then they shouldn’t listen to it.

IMG 5885

“People should stop the unnecessary clinging onto musicians. These fans found me in a restaurant and asked for selfies and I refused because I wasn’t in the mood and had no vibe. Is that so hard to understand that I didn’t want. Besides I was eating and I have a right to say no, just try to be civilized. I’m not the type of artist who will keep quiet as you all step on me. Just go and familiarize with your ogs and obs but not me. I can’t plead with you to listen to my music, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it,” she said.


Nwagi even advised her social media followers to unfollow her if they don’t like what she posts. This was after she posted semi-nude content on her Instagram page.



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