Afrigo Band & Lord Fred Sebatta thrill fans at Q’s bar & American Grill

It was all fun and live music on Sunday evening at Q`s Bar & Grill as `Kadongokamu` maestro Lord Fred Ssebata joined the legendary Afrigo Band for the inception of the bar`s monthly “Sunday Nite Live” theme night.

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Doors were opened at 6pm as revelers streamed in for the epic evening where they were taken back in time by the non-stop epoch performances. It’s on record that for more than 40 years, Afrigo Band has continued to dazzle Ugandans with their immersive live band experience. With barely no new releases, they continue to serenade with their 80s and 90s hits as they lead you down memory lane. From their hits like Jim, Speed Control, Olunderebu and many more, Afrigo always provides a guaranteed memorable experience and on Sunday, it was yet another day for them.

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On this night, the live music experience was so soothing as revellers were seen dancing and singing along to all the jams as they enjoyed the lovely ambiance of the new Qs Bar & American Grill which is located in Kampala, on Nsambya road. They were no gimmicks throught the show. Afrigo Band, Lord Fred Ssebata, nor Qs Bar & Grill, needed over-the-top smoke or fire machines. The stage was set with breathtaking lighting that complimented the performers’ music and overall vibe of the show. When Lord Fred Ssebata came on stage, fans sang along with his popular tunes as he also impressed them with his famous low-pitched vocals before bringing his wife and long-time collaborator, Harriet Ssanyu on stage which saw the whole house being brought down.

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Their performances at this new Qs Bar & Grill most likely has left fans with great expectations of upcoming shows at this venue including one on Valentine’s day that will see songbird Naava Grey and promising talent `Anknown` in accompaniment of top comedians embrace this lovers day.

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