#VIDEO: Clip of Diamond Platnumz & Zuchu in bed together goes Viral!


The Internet is on fire in Tanzania following a viral clip of Singers Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu allegedly in bed together. According to the clip, its Zuchu who is openly seen but a male sound is heard in the background and at a point, some one is also seen walking around the room with his face hidden. Many went to conclusion that this was Diamond Platnumz.

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The video that has gone viral has spread very many rumors among which is confirmation that the two are lovers, unlike what Zuchu was claiming that their relationship was professional. This platform has in the past produced stories about the pairs alleged romantic relationship and everyday that nears, these rumors get closer to the truth of the matter. Whether this was a stunt or reality from the two, time will tell and we shall keep you posted! Watch the Video below



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