Hi-Skool Kiromo Rocks Good Shepherd High School, Kinawa High School, St Catherine’s college & St Janan Luwum


The high school mental health awareness concert series set the weekends on fire with epic entertainment and empowerment strictly for the teens by the teens. It’s no brainer the new wave of teen turn up events saw the students take part in talent exposure, express themselves and have stars entertain them.

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All the time, the teens get platform to sing, rap, dance, mime and engage in public speaking. The events hosted by MC Ollo of NBS Youth Voice watched artists like The Baninas, Navio, Eezzy, Jowy Landa, Wembly Mo, Aroma and music by Dj Liquid among others perform and empower the teens to stand up and work hard towards archiving their dreams and goals.

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The events series go down every weekend in different schools and are aimed at nurturing students talents and keeping them aware about their mental health. Good shepherd High school hosted the High school Kiromo on Saturday 5th March Whereas Kinawa high hosted the Kiromo on 6th March.

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St Catherine’s college in Makindye hosted the Hi Skool Kiromo on 11th March while St Janan Luwum, Kabalagala hosted it on 12th March. Ollo experience is promising a grand finale for Hi Skool Kiromo on 30th April where all students shall show up for a grand fest.

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