URSB Holds First Ever Marriage Registration Conference.


Kampala, Uganda; 14th February, 2024; The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) on Valentines Day made history by organizing its inaugural Marriage Registration Conference. The conference, held under the theme “Relevance of Marriage Registration in Uganda,” aimed to shed light on the significance of marriage registration and its impact on individuals and society as a whole.

The conference organized in conjunction with the Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) brought together an array of stakeholders, including government officials, religious leaders, legal experts, civil society organizations, policy makers, marriage celebrants and local government duty bearers. The diverse range of participants allowed for a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and opportunities surrounding marriage registration in Uganda.

Throughout the conference, lively discussions ensued on various topics related to marriage registration. Ambassador Francis Butagira, the URSB Board Chairman said registration of marriages is vital for national development. “As a progressive society, we would like to get to a point where we have a secure, complete, accurate and reliable marriage registry. Such a registry can be used variously, for administrative and planning purposes or to enforce rights and responsibilities of individual” He said.

Discussions during the conference covered issues such as the legal framework governing marriage registration, the importance of accurate and up-to-date data, and the role of technology in enhancing the efficiency of registration processes. Sam Wairagala, the Deputy Senior Technical Advisor, JLOS Secretariat said documentation of marriages was vital for data build-up needed for planning purposes. “URSB has made great strides in digitizing processes. Accurate and up-to-date data on registered marriages allows policymakers to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and implement targeted interventions to address societal needs” He added.
One of the key takeaways from the conference was the recognition of marriage registration as a fundamental aspect of legal identity and a means to protect individuals’ rights. Mercy K. Kainobwisho, the Registrar General said the number of couples choosing to hold civil marriages had increased. “Tremendous progress has been made in registration of marriages as is evidenced by the ever increasing number of marriages being registered. Presently, we solemnize over 60 civil marriages a week. By registering their marriages, couples establish a legally binding union, which grants them certain rights and protections under the law. This includes inheritance rights, access to social security benefits, and the ability to resolve disputes through legal channels.” The Registrar General said
During the sessions, esteemed panelists engaged in insightful discussions regarding the values and benefits of marriage registration in Uganda. The conference also provided a platform for experts from diverse fields to share their perspectives and shed light on the importance of proper registration. Topics discussed included the state of marriage registration in Uganda, legal framework of marriage and divorce, succession and administration of estates in the context of marriage registration, among others.

One of the key values emphasized by the panelists was the legal recognition that marriage registration provides. “Registered marriages provide couples with legal protection. Moreover, marriage registration contributes to the prevention of child marriages and helps in the fight against gender-based violence” Vincent Katutsi, the Director Civil Registration at URSB said.
The conference also emphasized the need for increased public awareness about the importance of marriage registration. Through robust discussions and the sharing of best practices, the conference set the stage for future improvements in marriage registration processes, ensuring that all individuals in Uganda can enjoy the full benefits and protections that come with legally recognized marriages.



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