Grenade Official’s  Discloses How Mc Kats Gave Him 20K To Leave Singing .


Budding artists often face numerous challenges on their path to success, and for those lacking resilience, the dream of a flourishing music career may seem unattainable. Despite the hurdles, established artists share stories of overcoming skepticism and rejection to eventually earn their place in the limelight.

Singer Grenade Official recently disclosed a poignant moment in his journey when MC Kats, a well-known figure in the industry, seemingly dismissed his potential by offering him Shs 20k to return to the village. The “Nkuloga” artist recounted how he approached MC Kats, seeking feedback on his music, only to receive a small sum of money with a suggestion to go back to his roots.

In response, MC Kats explained that his intention was to shield Grenade from the challenges he himself faced in the industry. Having experienced a tough journey from a young age, MC Kats expressed pride in Grenade’s progress and stated that he didn’t want him to endure the same hardships.


In a tweet, MC Kats reflected on his own struggles, stating, “I left home at a very tender age, went through so many things on my own. Knew so much about the streets and regretted a lot. I just didn’t want you to face the same story. Am proud of what you became tho bro, Grenade.”

Grenade Official’s story serves as a testament to the importance of perseverance and determination in the face of discouragement, ultimately showcasing how emerging artists can rise above adversity to carve their own success in the competitive music industry.



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