The Real reason Kizz Daniel refused to perform in Tanzania


Real reason Nigerian star, Kizz Daniel was arrested in Tanzania on Monday was finally revealed. Kizz Daniel was arrested on Monday after he failed to show up at his concert at the Warehouse, Old Nextdoor Arena, Tanzania.

Speaking on Instagram live with Daddy Freeze, the promoter identified simply as Steven, said the ‘Buga’ crooner refused to perform because his gold chain in his luggage was missing. According to him, the airline did not bring Kizz Daniel’s bag and he refused to wear any other thing to perform.

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“Although he had another gold chain on his neck. I spent nothing less than $300,000 on that show. I had the contract with Paulo to bring Kizz Daniel for the show. Paulo cried all night calling from America begging Kizz Daniel to perform at the show but he refused.” the promoter said.

Harmonize bailing out Kizz Daniel

After spending over 6 hours behind bars at Oysterbay Police Station where he was detained Monday Afternoon, Kizz managed to leave the coolers after an intervention by Tanzanian singer Harmonize who bailed him out. We are yet to hear his side of the story because nothing has been said about the matter on all his social platforms.

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Kizz performing in Uganda on Saturday Night

Prior to his Tanzanian missed show on SundayEvening, the singer was the previous Evening in Kampala Uganda where he thrilled his fans. There is a side of the story that claims he was simply very tired and exhausted something that hindered his Performance.



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