AGAIN! Netizens go Hard on Winnie Byanyima over Son Anslem’s Lifestyle


A section of members of members of the public have once again continued to downplay the power of Winnie Byanyima in regards to parenting her son with Dr Kiiza Besigye Anslem Besigye.

Anslem Besigye, the only son of the politician, has been setting the internet ablaze with his photos. These photos depict him as a girl much as it is well known that he is a man. Unfortunately, for the public, it doesn’t seem like his parents are bothered about the state of their son. Anselm dresses and also behaves like a girl in all his photos and videos. This alone has forced people to think he is probably gay already and his parents have no problem with it.

Due to this, most of the members of the public have come out to say Besigye and his wife have failed as African parents. However, some people came to their defense. They said they probably tried but Anselm is a grown man who made his choices in life.



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