TEKAYO: Kalifah Aganaga goes back to Genesis Style in New Song


In music, having your own style makes you unique among all the millions of musicians out there. Most often, this is the style that you employ in your first couple of hit songs, the audience locks into it and most times every song you out in that style turns out big.

That background rhymes well with Kalifa Aganaga’s newly dropped Banger titled Tekayo. Listening to the song, you openly can tell that the singer chose to employ his original music style that he used to make the his over 5 hit songs that introduced him into this music business.

Produced by Nassim Pan production, Tekayo is a Dancehall song that takes calls out the Party to be taken high. In the chorus, Aganaga asks for audience of the Sound which he finally asks to be released with the line “Tekayo“. He further reminisces about how the same Sound was Danced to from the old times in lines like “…..Baazinilanga ku bino Ebidongo”!

In one of the verses, he uses End Rhymes in his lines where the last syllables rhyme with each other something that further proves his artistic lyrical artillery, an element he has employed in most of his mega hit songs.

IMG 20220805 WA0017

The Video directed by Simon SPK of SPK Films, he sets Aganaga in over two establishing scenes. Starring, the singer is ushered into a night setting with lighting background within a warehouse setting. The video director evokes the viewer by showing scenes of a fine-licious babe, who’s the vixen and the Dancers at the same point. Aganaga is ushered into another scene moving out of a seemingly old-school glassless car and standing at its bonnet donning an all black attire.

In yet another scene, Aganaga shines alone, like the star he is. SPK delivers with cinematic precision as he raises the bar high in lighting and color grading. Another shot displays Kalifa in a car garage setting, opened by an establishment shot, this portrays a normal environment of party people in a ghetto setting.

IMG 20220805 WA0016

Conclusively, Tekayo is that typical Kalifa Aganaga song that will remind you of his other same style songs that turned out hits! Remember his songs like Ndabirawa, Nassanga, Gudi Gudi girl to the middle ones like Katono, Kiboko Fire and Gudi Gude among others? All these were mega hits right? Could Kalifah have chosen to drop another hit of a kind in Tekayo?

Power ballads of a sort that stick to an artiste’s originality music style and strength are ones that grow bigger, louder and more fervent on the way to impassioned finals. They captivate listeners and make a song appealing to a range of media which tap into their expressive power. Tekayo out to the World Nowwww!!

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