Ykee Benda’s Mpaka Records ventures into Markerting


When musician Dre Cali quit Mpaka Records without proper announcement, it was a very huge blow to the Mpaka Records boss Ykee BendaDre Cali was driven all the way to the top by musician Ykee Benda hence it was quite unfair for him to just walk out on the record label like it was not a big deal. The label itself was left with a very big  vacuum.

It seems however that Ykee Benda is slowly coming to terms with the fact that Dre Cali left the label. He is slowly coming up with various strategies that are meant to raise the label to fit the goal that he had before he was disappointed with His artiste’s departure. His overall strategy for the label has now changed however.


In a new and recent  interview, Ykee Benda indicated that the label is now preparing to go big in events management instead of investing in musicians who require chasing around. He mentioned that that he is not ready to go around chasing and pleading for people’s sons and daughters just so they can abide by the contract agreements they have signed with the label, something he termed as a very hard task.

Ykee Benda says he currently has no artiste signed to the label and this could go on for some time. He mentioned that the label is not open to receiving new artistes yet but once it is ready to do so, he shall let the word out so that artistes could take their chance to be signed under Mpaka Records. Currently, Mpaka Records has decided to venture into  marketing, which Ykee has termed as the bigger picture . We surely wish you well Ykee and we are eager to see your great plan manifesting.



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