Teddy Bugingo transformation leaves Netizens in a daze

Many sympathized with City Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s wife Teddy Naluswa after he left her and ran off with a hotter Kampala slayer, Suzan Makula. Even when she tried to cling on to him by denying him a divorce, Bugingo went ahead to do an introduction ceremony at the home of Suzan Makula with the statement that nothing would ever stop him from marrying Suzan Makula.

I will never get back with Teddy - Pastor Bugingo - New Vision Official
Teddy Bugingo and Pastor Bugingo in their hey days

Teddy Naluswa was left in shock and disappointment as Bugingo mentioned she was not the right woman for him to be with and he also accused her of disrespect and well as being unhygienic. Many women were utterly hurt by his statements considering they were just excuses to run off with another woman. Many jaws have dropped however after recent pictures of Teddy Naluswa have hit the internet wave and she does look hotter and better.

There is a saying that when one pushes you away from toxicity, you get better. This is exactly what has happened to Teddy Naluswa. Many have come out to say that getting away from Aloysius Bugingo has done her more good than harm because she currently looks like a Plus size model with her new looks.



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