Spice Diana, Sheebah venture into customised apparels


Musicians Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana continue to prove that they want more than the music titles.

The two entertainers turned entrepreneurs whose fashion sense is believed to be an inspiration of young female talents and fans have announced their moves into the clothing world.

On November 10, Spice Diana through her social medias shared pictures of her clad in customised boob tubes, bikers and undergarments and revealed that Spice Collection (SPICO) is the new trend

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“SPICO by Spice Diana loading. Have always wanted to do this but i guess we are 90% ready, cant wait to rock these and more with you my gadgets” Spice captioned

Entertainer Sheebah Karungi who is now popular in the entrepreneur’s world also shared news of her Sheebah the Label as part of her birthday celebrations on November 11.

In a video she shared on her social media, Sheebah explains that she has always loved fashion because through it, she expresses her bold and unapologetic character. She said that she has been working on her label for some time.


“You all know this year I am all about doing something I’ve never done to get to the places I’ve never been. I am all about challenging myself this year . I created something special to connect to my fans worldwide. You all are so special to me & I love you all as much as you love me,” she said

Adding, “To my international fans,I felt the need to connect us all since some of you won’t be able to make it in person on December 9th, Yet you want to support me so I decided to give you all something very special on a special day,”

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Sheebah the Label is live on Sheebahthelabel.com. There are customised t-shirts and Jumpers.



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