Spice Diana Is Struggling Because She Lacks Knowledge – John Segawa


Musician Spice Diana clashed with media personality Jenkins Mukasa over the weekend. She attacked Mukasa and compared him to feaces.

Spice Diana also accused Jenkins Mukasa of receiving money to stifle her music career. In response, Mukasa denied attacking Spice Diana and claimed the regular hitmaker is seeking relevance.

Now, film and movie director John Segawa has come to Mukasa’s rescue and claimed that Spice Diana is struggling because she lacks knowledge.

He explained that public figures all over the world face criticism and should be open to it because, in most cases, it helps them improve.

He advised Spice Diana to go back to school and enrol in a refresher course to gain more knowledge instead of attacking her critics.

“We have a lot of illiterate people in our industry, and it’s the reason we are stifling. Any sane person and public figure should be open to criticism because it helps you; why would you attack your critic who is calling upon you to improve on something? I think she should go back to school and enlighten herself more on some things,” he partly explained in an interview with YouTuber Kasuku.



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