Bebe Cool Speaks Out About Recording Album “Break The Chain.”


Musician Moses Ssali, aka Bebe Cool, has opened up about the recording and production of his yet-to-be-released album “Break The Chain.”

The singer explained that all songs were written in Nigeria, including the production. He did so after a conversation with Bushingtone, who advised him to fly to Lagos and record with Nigerian people.

Bebe Cool explained that he chose to name the album “Break The Chain” because he felt Africans can live together and work together for their good.

“I chose the name Break The Chain because I want to break the deadlock. The mentality, the mindset, and the thinking that as Africans, everyone has to fight individually. We need to work as a whole, and it’s the reason I respect the Nigerian music industry,” he said in a video circulating on social media.

The album was produced by Phil Keyz, Sugar Vibes, Bushingtone, and producer Ronnie. The songs were written by someone known only as Dinno.



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