Singer Jose Chameleone Responds To Allegations Of Domestic Violence By Wife.


Renowned Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone has spoken out following recent allegations of domestic violence made by his wife, Atim Daniella.

Earlier this week, Daniella revealed that she sought asylum in the United States five years ago due to enduring domestic abuse for over 16 years.

Her disclosure has sparked widespread reactions on social media and in public discussions, leading to conversations about the sensitive issue of domestic violence.

In a recent interview on BBS TV, Jose Chameleone addressed the accusations, saying, “Every time there’s power or success, there is also power that brings setbacks. But that doesn’t hurt me, and I am not moved. For those that need details, please call her in America and ask her. But at the end of the day, I am doing my work. I am not an angel; I fail sometimes and succeed sometimes. My role now is to work, look for money for myself, my kids, and make myself happy. The rest I leave for God; he will judge.”

The couple, who had a lavish wedding in 2010, has five children together.

FB IMG 1711517250958
Jose Chameleon, Daniella Atim and they daughters in happier times at an outing.

While Daniella has been an advocate against domestic violence on social media for years, many are now reflecting on the potential personal significance behind her advocacy efforts.


The public response is divided, with some offering support to Daniella and others awaiting further details before making judgments.

This situation highlights the importance of addressing and confronting domestic violence, emphasizing the need for awareness, support, and effective solutions to combat this pervasive issue.



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