Karole Kasita Speaks Out On Her Love Affair With Baby Daddy Feffe Bussi.


Love and family dynamics take center stage as singer Karole Kasita steps forward to address ongoing disputes involving her alleged baby daddy, Feffe Bussi, and media personality DJ Jacob Omutuuze.

In a statement, the dancehall female singer expressed her stance on the matter, suggesting that public feuds wouldn’t bring happiness to Feffe Bussi. However, she clarified certain points, particularly regarding DJ Jacob Omutuuze’s credentials as a disc jockey.

Karole Kasita emphasized that it’s true Jacob is not a DJ, as claimed by Feffe Bussi. To settle the debate, she proposed a solution: providing Jacob with necessary equipment and tasking him to mix songs. This challenge, she believes, will determine his DJ skills definitively.

The singer’s openness extended to her personal life, confirming her relationship with Feffe Bussi. She revealed their shared sense of humor played a significant role in bringing them together, dispelling doubts about their romantic involvement.


Moreover, Karole Kasita discussed the impact of Feffe Bussi’s upcoming concert on their family dynamics, indicating collective involvement and support for his musical endeavors. She shared a heartwarming anecdote about their son, King, who shows a passion for music by dancing to her songs.

In conclusion, it’s evident that Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi have embraced their relationship publicly, signaling a shift from previous attempts to keep it under wraps.



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