Sheebah Opens Up About Her Ideal Man.


In a recent interview, Sheebah revealed what she looks for in a man, emphasizing the importance of finding a true friend. She stressed the need for someone who understands her, embraces their masculinity, and allows her to express her femininity while being in her alpha female energy.

Sheebah highlighted the importance of her partner accepting her different personalities due to being in the limelight and loving her for who she truly is.
Empowerment is a crucial element for Sheebah in her ideal relationship, believing in supporting each other and making money together.

She values a partner who supports her ambitions and encourages her to reach new heights.
Sheebah admits she’s not for everyone, acknowledging that her confidence and success may intimidate some men. Describing herself as sapiosexual, Sheebah is attracted to intelligence, making it clear that impressing her won’t be easy.



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