Sheebah Karungi Is Allegedly Pregnant.


Renowned Ugandan singer, Sheebah Karungi has become the centre of attention due to the rumours of her pregnancy.

The rumours were sparked following a video clip that has gone viral which reveals Sheebah Karungi with a bulged tummy while dancing to her new song, a sign that shows that she could be baking a ban in her oven.

Following the development leaving no room for uncertainty regarding her pregnancy, her fans and followers were delighted to see her embrace this new chapter in her life.


If the rumours are true, this would be Sheebah Karungi’s first child with her yet-to-be-identified lover.

It should be recalled in one of her previous interviews, that Sheebah hinted that having babies is not under her own command but God’s and that she is waiting for the day God will let her have one of her own. And according to the latest rumours, it is the right time for her to give birth.

“But don’t put me under pressure to give birth when am not yet ready. It’s not necessary. I decided to first push my businesses when God decided my child would also come at the right time. You’re not God, neither am I. That issue is not in your hands, neither is it in mine. Let’s drop it!” Sheebah said in a previous interview when questioned about when to give birth.

Sheebah’s Journey into motherhood has sparked a wave of support and well-wishers from her fans and followers, as many have expressed their excitement and happiness for her while others eagerly waiting for more updates on this exciting development in her life.

Sheebah Karungi has been one of the most successful singers in the East African region over the last six years with numerous hit songs and awards won. she has yet to come out to comment on the rumours and we shall keep you updated here.



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