JINJERA: Maiden Reggae Overdrive Festival set for Next Saturday


The inaugural Jinjera Reggae Overdrive Festival is set to electrify Jinja city as it makes its debut at Nile Nest on Saturday, March 9. Organized by Humble Management, the event promises a fusion of Amsterdam and Jamaican vibes, bringing reggae enthusiasts together for a memorable experience.

With gates opening at 6 am and festivities continuing until 6 pm the following day, attendees can expect a non-stop celebration of music and culture. The festival aims to establish itself as an annual highlight, growing bigger and better with each successive year.

A stellar lineup of performers is poised to take the stage, ensuring that attendees are treated to an unforgettable musical journey. Artists such as Cindy Sanyu, Ziza Bafana, Nutty Neithan, and the renowned Janzi Band are among those set to grace the festival, guaranteeing an eclectic mix of reggae beats and vibrant performances.


Sam Ssemakula, a key member of Humble Management, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, urging revelers to join in celebrating Jinja’s rich heritage through the universal language of reggae. “Let us celebrate the great city of Jinja and its beautiful heritage in a reggae overdrive,” said Ssemakula, highlighting the significance of the festival in showcasing the cultural diversity of the region.

Early bird tickets for the Jinjera Reggae Overdrive Festival are currently available for Shs70k, offering attendees a discounted rate to secure their spot at the highly anticipated event. For those who prefer to purchase tickets at the gate, admission will be priced at Shs100k, ensuring flexibility for last-minute attendees.


As excitement builds and anticipation mounts, reggae enthusiasts and music lovers alike are gearing up to immerse themselves in the pulsating rhythms and infectious energy of the Jinjera Reggae Overdrive Festival, marking a new chapter in Jinja’s cultural calendar and setting the stage for future editions to come.



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