Sheebah ignores Spice Diana beef in new songs


The past weeks have been a roller coaster in the Ugandan music industry. Musicians have been attacking each other and throwing baseless accusations. Some musicians like Spice Diana and Sheebah had their fans involved in the fight.

The release of Baligeya by Spice Diana aroused fans’ spirits for music battles. They thought Sheebah Karungi’s next release would be a response to Spice’s Baligeya.

On Tuesday morning, Sheebah Karungi made a triple release of songs; kika buka, Nkujjukira and Only girl. All the songs are not close to Baligeya’s response. Fans have been left speechless.

FB IMG 1676368020708

A one Karma Florah said: So spice expected a reply of Baligeya song….so some of us are too old for beef…she is now in da battle alone..,”

“I knew you could not hit back,” Sophie Nimurungi said

Nanyonga Harriet said: “The way am happy you didn’t reply to the losers,”


“I knew from the word go that you can’t involve yourself in cheap beefs,” Allanch keys Uganda said



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