ESANYU DAGALA: Irene Ntale’s latest Single Is a Blissful Reset!


Dressing her disarmingly blunt musings up in “Mpulira Yesu“, a gospel single released 6 months back, songstress Irene Ntale opened the year 2023 with “Esanyu Dagala” – A Honest-to-goodness sweet love ballad.

Starring, Ntale tells a story of how the Sun rises and brightens the day relating it with her lover who she terms as the light that brightens her life – making sense of Happiness as her Remedy.

“ …..nze Ompadde Esanyu Dagala, ebyamabyo ndibikuma….nkuwadde obweyamu, Kubanga wooli….” she ruminates, as a relaxing saxophone accentuates the ache.

Esanyu Dagala is one love ballad that comes with its own emotional satisfaction guarantee! Listening to it, without a doubt – you will feel something – or, perhaps more accurately, many things (LOVE).

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While at it, Ntale delivers every conflicted line as if her life depended on it with an unusually expressive voice backed by unassailable production.

Written by St. Andrews and produced by D-King, Esanyu Dagala visuals were directed by Grate Make Film’s Pest who went all the way out – serving a great picture filled with nature’s touch.

In the video, a special bound of creativity is exhibited, portraying a picnic setting where a white bed and vacation set up in the green jungle plays perfectly well with Irene Ntale’s dazzling outfits.

The same video exhibits the double elements of the sun, as it rises and sets with Joseph Sax playing the saxophone, primed to directly sink and ascend to the stratosphere and realm of the song before it closes!

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Joseph Sax & Irene Ntale – A scene from the Esanyu Dagala Video

Cutting teeth into the airwaves this February, a month of love – Ntale dedicated Esanyu Dagala to all the beautiful ladies that will be walking down the aisle this year.

With a promise that she’s fully back to serve us with more and more music this year – Esanyu Dagala set her soo far ahead of the curve that as she returns to a more crowded, musical landscape, she seems ready to cut loose. Its simply a sneek peek into what more she had to offer the year ahead!



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