Sheebah confirms it’s not Andrew Mwenda that Indecently Assaulted her!


Following her sexual assault allegations, Sheebah Karungi finally made a statement at CID – Criminal Investigations Department in Kibuli earlier on Tuesday.

Fred Enanga, the Police Mouthpiece confirmed Sheebah’s appearance at CID and confirmed that she told them the person in question who clearly isn’t veteran Journalist Andrew Mwenda as sections of the media have claimed previously.

“During the interaction with CID, Sheebah revealed the details and the individual who was involved and the related circumstances” Enanga said.

On whether Sheebah chose to report to CID by herself or she was forced, Enanga confirmed that Sheebah was contacted to report to them and record a statement  shortly after she released the video of her allegations,  she only chose to appear today. Moving forward, Enanga said that Investigations into the matter are now ongoing to ensure justice is served.



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