Sandra Teta Sets Record Straight On Daniella Atim’s Unwanted Advice.


Sandra Teta expressed her displeasure when Daniella Atim chose social media as the platform to offer unsolicited advice during a tumultuous period in Teta’s relationship with Weasel Manizo, her baby’s father.

In 2022, amidst the challenges in their relationship, Daniella Atim, married to Joseph Mayanja, known as Jose Chameleone and Weasel Manizo’s brother, publicly aired the family’s issues.

Teta reached her breaking point and demanded Atim to refrain from interfering. Atim retaliated, implying Teta’s response reflected her inexperience.

In a recent interview with Ruth Kalibbala, Teta revealed that she had never spoken to Daniella until she returned to Rwanda in August 2022, following the issues with Weasel.

“We never met,” Teta clarified when asked if Daniella had supported her during pregnancy. “We were not friends.”

Teta disclosed that the first conversation between them occurred upon her return to Rwanda, initiated by Daniella.


When questioned about Atim’s social media posts, Teta expressed disappointment in the public sharing of private matters, emphasizing the importance of resolving family issues privately.

“It was heartbreaking, but again that’s life… It passed, and at the end of the day, everything is okay,” Teta reflected.

She affirmed her choice not to address personal matters on social media, acknowledging her mother-in-law’s unwavering support despite the online controversies.

Sandra Teta, a former Miss Universities Rwanda, relocated to Uganda in 2018 to oversee public relations for the now-defunct Hideout Lounge.

With a background in law, Teta had been involved in event hosting in Rwanda before being invited to work in Kampala. It was during her tenure at Hideout that she crossed paths with Weasel Manizo.



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