Rema Namakula Shows Support To Lydia Jazmine’s Upcoming Concert .


In a surprising show of solidarity, Rema Namakula, widely known as Rema, took to social media to promote Lydia Jazmine’s upcoming concert scheduled for Friday, March 1, at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

“Ladies and gentlemen……This Friday….ku Hotel Africana come let’s show @LydiahJazmine some love,” Namakula posted on X on Wednesday afternoon, February 28. “Be there or be nowhere.”


This supportive gesture by Namakula further substantiates her recent statement confirming occasional communication with Jazmine.

“I don’t have a problem with Lydia Jazmine, and if you meet her, you can ask her,” Rema stated to the media, addressing the alleged beef rumors. “I even call her on the phone. You can ask her when you find her: Is it true that you speak over the phone?… It’s just that you want to create situations because that’s what works for you… Because good things that aren’t chaotic aren’t fun… And there is no intention of trying to sabotage another… You’ve seen it before where people organize shows on the same day, how about me who is a week ahead?”

Speculation about a rift between the two artists arose when Rema announced a concert date just a week ahead of Jazmine’s scheduled performance.

Rema held her concert this past Friday, February 23, at Sheraton Hotel Gardens in Kampala, while Lydia Jazmine’s show is set for March 1 at Hotel Africana. The concerts are separated by seven days.

Jazmine’s concert, aptly named “First Born Concert,” marks a significant milestone as her debut performance since entering the music industry approximately 10 years ago. She gained recognition with the hit song “You Know,” a collaboration with Rabadaba produced by Nessim.



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