Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago Supports Copyright Bill in Music Industry.


Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has thrown his full support behind the Copyright Amendment Bill, highlighting concerns over internal divisions within the music industry that could potentially impede its progress.

In addressing the challenges faced by artists, Lukwago emphasized the need for a comprehensive understanding of their own value, pointing out that many artists fall prey to exploitation due to limited knowledge about their rights and the significance of copyright protection.

Lukwago stressed the importance of artists recognizing their worth and societal impact. He proposed the formation of an umbrella association to unite artists, enabling them to collectively advocate for their rights and amplify their voices.

Furthermore, Lukwago underscored the crucial role of education in empowering artists and ensuring the music industry’s sustainability. He called for equipping artists with knowledge about copyright laws, licensing, and the business aspects of the industry, enabling them to safeguard their intellectual property, negotiate fair contracts, and maximize earnings.

Addressing the existing divisions between the Uganda National Musicians Federation and the Uganda Musicians Association, Mayor Lukwago expressed concern, stating that these divisions not only hinder collaboration but also obstruct progress toward common goals. He urged artists to set aside personal differences and work towards a united front for the greater good of the industry.



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