PRODUCER WASHINGTON: Eddy Yawe Refused To Share His Music Knowledge With Us


After allegations of Eddy Yawe’s sexual harassment by about two female singers, Producer Washington has come out to reveal that Yawe’s Dream Studios wasn’t helpful to the upcoming producers in the earlier days. According to Washington, he worked blindly when he came into the music scene. He had no clue about business operated yet the earlier producers such as Eddy Yawe knew each and everything.

Yawe however couldn’t share his knowledge with the young and upcoming producers something Washington wishes he had been told.

“I came into the music industry and I was working blindly. People like Eddy Yawe knew how the system works but didn’t tell us. Now, I wish he (Eddy Yawe) had shared with me the information about this industry,” said Washington while appearing on the NBS After 5 program.

Further, Washington also said that when an artist and producer come together, it’s a marriage. And in the law of sound, each of these is supposed to earn 100% of the royalties.



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