Precious Remmie allegedly pregnant for hubby Bindeeba.


The relationship between Bindeeba and Precious Remmie started out as a joke but it yielded something very serious. Even when Precious Remmie was told multiple times to stay away from Bindeeba and let him go, Precious Remmie has been adamant about leaving him. According to Precious Remmie, no one can ever decide for her if she must choose one man or another from her list of suitors.

Even when Precious Remmie got called out for getting involved in Bindeeba’s family issues, she did not mind at all. Bindeeba’s baby mama was heard lamenting about how Bindeeba had forgotten about their children and all his responsibilities towards his children too.

image 18

Precious Remmie always mentioned that not even a whirlwind would ever get her to leave. She mentioned that every woman who claimed to have her hubby’s child should carry the child and the DNA results proving Bindeeba to be the father. The public was bitter about this ofcourse but she still went on about her relationship with a wide smile. 

Recently, Remmie introduced Bindeeba in a beautiful and luxurious. It all went down smoothly as the ceremony was private with no children and only a few invited close friends as guests. After the ceremony, the pair decided to take a small vacation off as lovers to enjoy the time together. According to the images that are surfacing however, snoops have noted that Precious Remmie’s tummy is slightly bigger.

image 19
The couple during their introduction Last weekend

It is alleged that Remmie could be giving Bindeeba an heir sooner than we anticipated. As we await news from the horse’s mouth, we shall keep you posted on this joyful piece of information.



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