PHOTOS: How it went down at the Kyaddala Season 2 Premier!


Kyaddala Season 2 premiere by Reach A Hand Uganda was hosted at Mestil Hotel on Thursday evening. The glitz and Glamour only invite event saw Kampala’s A listers, SRHR stakeholders, Young people, Media Houses as well as actors from across the continent.

Reach A Hand which is headed by Humphrey Nabimanya is a youth serving nonprofit organization based in Uganda that focuses on youth empowerment programs with an emphasis on, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of young people between the ages of 12–24 years including HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. In gracing this red carpet event, highly beautiful and handsome Ugandan celebrities wore outfits that spoke of class and elegance to dazzle their fans which were present to witness the occasion that was hosted by Ronnie Macvex and Trizzah.  Among these celebrities included, Anitah Fabiola, Judith Heard, A Pass, Eleanor Nabwiiso, Amita Jacob, Sam Bagenda, Allan Toniks among others including many corporate company dignitaries.

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Humphrey Nabimanya – Team Leader, Reach A Hand Uganda Speaking at the Event

On behalf of the whole team, the now highly appraised filmmaker Humphrey Nabimanya gave a well laid out speech that showed his gratitude to the huge fanbase and partners that supported the making of the TV show that will soon be showing on NBS TV. “We’ve always used art to transmit SRHR information to young people, and we couldn’t have finished filming kyaddala season two without the help of our partners.”, Humphrey partly said.

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Kyaddala TV series features top actors and actresses across Africa and depicts young people’s sexual and reproductive health issues through a rich storyline that rotates on topics like Life skills empowerment for young people (covering education, livelihoods and women empowerment for better choices), HIV and its impact on young people, Teenage pregnancy and the role of “gatekeepers/ stakeholders” in averting child marriages, Sexual and gender based violence among young people and how it affects their SRHR needs and Myths and misconceptions around SRHR and how to create an enabling friendly environment for young people to seek information and services. 
To conclude: it was basically all of the best parties you weren’t invited to, put together.

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