PHOTOS: Lydia Jazmine Queen Of Hotel African .


On the memorable date of 1st March 2024, Ugandan songstress Lydia Jazmine carved her name in the annals of success with a stellar performance at her debut concert, ‘First Born.’

The vibrant event unfolded at the prestigious African Hotel in Kampala, drawing massive crowds that swarmed the venue to its full capacity.

As the clock struck 5 pm, VIP tickets were completely sold out, with enthusiastic revelers thronging the gates in anticipation of witnessing their beloved artists take the stage.

The show kicked off with dynamic emcees and DJs setting the mood, paving the way for a series of captivating performances.

The highlight of the evening was, undoubtedly, Lydia Jazmine, who graced the stage to thunderous cheers from her adoring fans. She effortlessly navigated through various sets, showcasing her talent and captivating the audience.

Collaborating with fellow artists on stage added another layer of excitement to the concert. Lydia’s impeccable fashion sense, powerful vocals, boundless energy, and commanding stage presence left an indelible impression on the attendees.


The event witnessed a strong show of support from numerous prominent figures, with some even making surprise appearances on stage. Pia Pounds, Beenie Gunter, Ykee Benda, Rickman, and others shared the spotlight, contributing to the concert’s overall electrifying atmosphere.

Capture the essence of this unforgettable night through a visual journey with some from the concert below:



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